HALO, a brand for the discerning pet owner.


HALO is a range of private cold-pressed recipes developed to meet the needs of dogs, cats and the lifestyles of their owners keen to feed a 100% natural, complete, premium product. Cold-pressed is as close to a raw diet as possible, with the convenience of being a complete dry food. HALO is a highly palatable cold-pressed, freeze-dried biscuit, free from chemical additives, artificial colours, flavourings and preservatives, produced using small batch technique in the United Kingdom. The low-temperature cold-pressing production method ensures that all vital nutrients within the natural ingredients used in the HALO formulations remain as close to their un-pressed state as possible.


HALO is made to a protein rich bio-appropriate formulation. This means that the range has a high meat content, contains a variety of vegetables, fruits and herbs and is completely grain free.


HALO is suitable for all breeds and all life stages of dogs and cats. It can be used in place of a raw diet where processed frozen product handling is unsuitable or inconvenient, and strengthens and supports canine and feline immune systems.

HALO is also free from soya, dairy, gluten and ideal for dogs with or without food intolerances, sensitive digestive issues and grain allergies. Many owners have found that switching their dogs to HALO has positively aided in the improvement of their dogs’ digestive systems and reduced their allergic reactions.

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